Day 95… Tips on being a Good Patient

Tips on being a Good Patient… in a hospital where English is the 2nd language


 1.  Suit UP & Show UP

 2.  Identify Thyself

 3.  Wait for Instructions

 4.  Accept the System… AS IS

 5.  Follow Instructions

 6.  Answer Questions When Asked & Ask Questions WHEN Asked

 7.  Get the Nurse’s Name & Extension Number (for the inevitable glitches that follow)

 8.  Smile & Say Thank You


Save ‘The Story’ for The Good Doctor… :)




Day 94… Camel Milk Health

helena sorensen:


Inspired by a Nina’s blog post on “Historic Cabbage Soup” served with goat milk yoghurt…

I am delighted to present this blog on “Camel Milk Health”…complete with recipes… :)




Originally posted on Camel Milk Health:

Over the past 28 years I have worked with patients on a variety of health issues relating to obesity, such as elevated levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar.  Testing always revealed nutritional deficiencies and often a toxic overload of some sort.  Patients would complain that they just could not lose weight and that it was hard to stay on a diet.  Once the nutritional deficiencies were addressed and a detoxification regime was initiated, the patients were able to lose those added pounds.

When an individual is deficient in specific nutrients they often crave certain foods and never seem to feel satisfied, because their body is missing much needed vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc.  These deficiencies cause the patient to eat and not feel satisfied, so they continue to eat more food until they feel miserable, but are still not quite satisfied.  When a patient has a toxic overload…

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Day 93… a message in my blood


message crop


Day 92… A Rite of Passage


It was presented to me on Day 46…

the day I began to bleed again…

10 years on into post-menopause

On Day 85… I met with an OBGynie

at SAAD Specialist Hospital

The Good Doctor performed a Pap Smear

and ordered an Ultrasound Exam

On Day 90… I attended the Ultrasound Exam…

to see that my uterus has developed

an abnormally thick lining…

being the source of the bleeding

The Good Doctor and I have agreed to perform a D&C…

(a minor operation during which the cervix is dilated using special metal dilators and the uterine cavity is “curetted”/cleaned… either to treat the condition or to diagnose it)

My bed is booked at 8am on April 21st

I am now making preparations

and will meet with an Anaesthetist pre-op…

Yeah for drugs… :)




Picture taken from the lobby of SAAD Hospital’s Out-Patient Building

Staircase with chandelier leads to the Women’s Health Clinics on the First Floor




Female Waiting Area in OBGynie Clinic




Website photo of SAAD Hospital…

taken from Out-Patient Building with Mosque in the foreground & the ‘village’ of Al-Khobar beyond


Day 91… 30/30… I can breathe again…


I love the North winds…

for the air blows cool & clean

whilst my friend… The Mighty Palm *

dusts the glass above the pool


The Mighty Palm


My relief is immeasurable…

I can breathe deeply… once again

for the sand spell…

has been broken


”Hence if you come across a date palm tree,

say thank you for providing many benefits and uses since ancient time.”

Date Palm… The Tree of Life


Day 90… 29/30… Winds of Change





Mostly cloudy and windy.

Low temperature around 22C with an average humidity of 59%.

Winds will be 40 kph from the NNW



WeatherBug for Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia




Day 89… 28/30… Stuck on Replay of Day 79!


10 days on… the sand is now sunbaked on our pool roof!

Everything… remains coated beige.

I am reminded of the film… “Groundhog Day”…

where our hero wakes every morning to the same scene… same day…



I too… feel as if I am stuck on replay of the morning of April 2nd…






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