Day 27… the 9th of February… NO RAIN !! … just skating on sand…



HIGH Humidity


a stiff breeze with sand mixed in!

 I left my windows open… 😦

Silly me

for am now skating around the house…

on marble floors… as if…

I had fabric dryer sheets* pinned under my feet!

*(those re-used… that have fallen out of the dryer unnoticed)


Sand Skating… anyone?


The English Copy of Alriyadh News Paper Published By Alyamamh Press 

Monday, 20 Rabi II 1436 H – February 09, 2015 – Issue 17031

2 thoughts on “Day 27… the 9th of February… NO RAIN !! … just skating on sand…

  1. Helena! I went looking for you after you first left a comment on my blog and couldn’t find you…so I didn’t think you were online anywhere. Somehow I missed this blog. I was just thinking, when I was reading your comment from today about how to get me to Saudi Arabia that you should start a blog about living in Saudi Arabia…and here it is. Yay! I will start from the beginning…looking forward to catching up : )

    • Cynthia…
      I am delighted you found me… and shall now…. be ‘catching up’ with you 🙂
      Thank you for making the time to review my blog… from the beginning…and
      for your comments on numerous posts… to which I shall reply in like kind.
      from saudi with love…

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