Day 88… 27/30… Saturday’s Home Improvements!


Revisiting my thinking…

for I was toast… when I published yesterday’s post!

Forgive me… bear with me…


I shall attempt to make it up to you & me… 🙂


Friday is the first day of the weekend here.

That be a Saturday for most folks.

Thus Saturday be the second day of our weekend.

Inspired by Nina’s Post… a not so “Boring Condo To Do List”…

I dug out my handy dandy STANLEY screwdriver set

and went about tightening all the loose screws throughout our villa


hubby addressed my plea for a surrogate outlet for the laundry room fan…

said outlet being lost to the NEW washing machine… installed many moons ago.


A repairman has a small box marked 'Useful Screws' next to a huge box of 'Useless Screws.'


Home Improvements being the order of the day…

we celebrated with a toast to Nina… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 88… 27/30… Saturday’s Home Improvements!

  1. Oh my goodness, Helena. I inspired all that activity — lazy technologically challenged me, who instinctively reaches for the telephone when anything goes wrong? 🙂

    • Nina… YES… you did inspire all that activity… 🙂
      especially so… given my embarrassment with Friday’s post… 😦
      btw… I will pick up the telephone to call the maintenance department of our compound…
      when it comes to replacing light bulbs… which have a habit of burning out…
      given the all too regular power spikes throughout The Kingdom! And they supply the bulbs!
      P.S. Hubby installed voltage regulators on all our prized techie ‘toys’ !

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