Posting Draft (for the record)… Day 79… 18/30… LET It SAND!


1   2   3


Thursday, 2 April 2015 @ 07:00h… view from my office window


4   IMG_2048


same glass roof… different day




…nearly had to shovel the front steps… 🙂



The storm hit us here at 20:30h Wednesday evening…

and raged for 1 ½ hours…

the wind howling through the AirCon ducts

& slapping the flaps on the bathroom fan vents!

What you see above is what I woke up to… Outside.

And then…

I came to see the sand EveryWhere… INSIDE… 😦

I managed to ignore most of it… 🙂

thou washed all the bedding

and dusted… where essential…

bedside tables, toilet seats & kitchen counters!

This is the floor off the bedroom…

taken from the stairwell

@ 09:00h this morning.




Hubby is wearing socks enroute to bed…

and I be… dreaming of the green, green ‘mosses’ of home!


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