Day 117… “An Ode to Motherhood”… CALL for SUBMISSIONS!




Of Motherhood

I know not what

you know…

and I invite you

to share

of what you know…

that I might

better know what Motherhood

means to you…

in celebration of this

Mother’s Day…

with you!



All submissions welcomed…

be it a photograph… a favoured memory…

a poem… a dissertation


by comment on this blog…

in reply to this post by email

I request permission

to post your submissions if sent by email

… anonymously if you prefer

I would love to hear from you… 🙂


Image Credit

Gustav Klimt “Three Ages of Woman, Mother and Child (detail)

via…”Life As A Human”… the human interest magazine for evolving minds, featuring content that talks about what it means to be human — the good, the bad … and the enlightening.


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