September 6th: … ‘thine heart and thine eyes’…


This post follows yesterday’s post

September 5th: … reading… off-line… tonight


An excerpt from The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

Ahmet, the son of the landlady, is standing guard at the blue gate…

 in the wall surrounding the coffee shop.


“Ahmet never stopped to talk or ask questions, and he didn’t use a metal

detector, like the fancy restaurants.

But he had what he considered the surest method for safety clearance.

He never failed to look into the eyes of the customers,

because they reflected deeper truths than any momentary feelings

of impatience or hunger or disappointment.

The eyes of a man betrayed his heart.

Even with a smile, the evil man’s eyes were as hard and shallow

as a dry riverbed;

even with a furrowed brow, the eyes of a good man were deep.

In the Koran, the eyes were

the gateway to the mind.

‘You will see’ in the Koran meant ‘to know’;

‘thine heart and thine eyes’ referred to

your feelings and your thoughts…

as Ahmet has been taught since he was a young boy in school.”

( Chapter 5: pages 41-42 )




Click here to view my house & The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

I am located at THE BLUE DOT on the Persian Gulf Coast of Saudi Arabia

Kabul is located under THE RED BALLOON


Link to Interactive Google Map


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